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Find out how to use Phoenix beyond just demos with in-depth screencasts.

At the start of 2015, I was lucky enough to get my first job as an Elixir web developer. I was excited to be using Elixir professionally and no longer just as a hobby. Although I had known enough Elixir to actually contribute to a few open source projects and had built some toy Phoenix apps, using it to build a full-blown web application for work on a full-time basis had taught me a lot.

There were some pains along the way such as the awkward shift of 'thinking object-oriented' to 'thinking functional', and getting familiar with a new ecosystem of tools/libraries. The docs on the standard libraries and most Elixir packages, including Phoenix, are great - but they usually cover just enough for you to get started. I had to learn to put things together and program with a functional mind.

I'd like your experience of learning Elixir and Phoenix for web development to be more pain-free.

How Phoenix Screencasts will help you
  • The screencasts do not just cover the 'how', but also the 'why'.
  • You'll get insight as to why a feature was built a certain way so that you can apply the same thought processes on different problems.
  • Screencast topics are focused on how to effectively use Elixir in the context of web development.
  • You get only relevant content that are likely to use sooner than later.
What you get from your Phoenix Screencasts subscription
  • At least one(1) Pro screencast per week.
  • Other free content per week. Either an article or another free screencast, or both.
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